Blog rationalization (Introduction continued)

I have been blogging, under various semi-transparent nicknames for over two years now. Two years ago, it was pretty simple to get started – not too many people blogging, sharing their intimate thoughts for everyone to see. Still, the key to success has aways been to post continuously, according to some easily discernable schedule. Stick to the topic you know something about, etc.

To gather search engine rankings I should now declare that there are 7 rules of blogging guaranteed to make you a success.

(amazingly google does not find any entrees matching that string. yet.)

I decided to list some of them, crossing out some which are out of reach for me personally.

  1. Post pictures of scantily clad models
  2. Insert yourself into the great debates of the day. It helps to put comments on other people’s sites.
  3. Launch successful denial of service attacks against other bloggers
  4. Provide inside informationabout cool gadgets or hard to get into gatherings
  5. Write wittingly and confidently. Every day. Without stop.
  6. Be rich and/or famous. At least a little. People will think you have something to say
  7. Start early.

Naturally, I missed out on all of them. What’s left is a small collections of photographs which were not good enough to post for critique, so they must be good enough for a personal website; some random musings about my daily routine; and the fact that for now, no one can stop me from publishing, just like no one can make anyone read this.

As it happens, this approach has been exploiting quite a bit already, so I cannot even say it satisfied rule number seven. Still. Sometimes one just walks around with thoughts in his head, and what is the present for if not to contribute these thoughts to the collective data archive that will someday rise to rule us all.


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