Room Planning with Autodesk Homestyle

Longer post to follow, but initial playing with Autodesk Homestyle beta led to this picture:

that acts as a validation of my inept measurement — stuff mostly fits. Of course, it fits even better since we only have the TV and the couch right now. Art, vases – are a nice touch in the software that takes modeling a step (or 10) beyond what you can buy in Staples. Its catalog of “real” items provided in 3D by manufacturers is the real draw. It is high time these were available – ideally not just for proprietary software solutions. The 3D model is accessible here

Prior to Autodesk I was using Google Sketchup which is great – if you have a LOT of time to get good at it. I got the link and idea of using Homestyler from the DYI Stackexchange site.

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