Job Description – Wish I was qualified

This came my way, and I just like the scale of it. Scale of computer systems has truly changed over the last decade, and I imagine this is one of the job that brings SkyNet a little closer to being… :)

Database Architect will be responsible for evaluating the architecture of the Air Force Weather Weapon System with respect to minimizing data access times, expanding data storage from the Terabyte range to the Petabyte range, ensuring high availability (>99%) while minimizing overall cost.

Optimum database design is required to enable operational forecasters in functional and regional forecast centers worldwide to acquire and process both sensed and gridded forecast information from deterministic and ensemble prediction systems and create a forecaster modified layer for specific weather parameters in near real time.

New database architecture must also enable rapid and high-volume web-based hosting, collection, and dissemination of data subsets and post-processed files that include gridded data, text, and common visualization formats as well as KML (Google Earth)-compatible files. Database architect must be experienced with standard data sharing practices such as Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and SOAP based approaches.

I like the bit about keeping the costs down too – it is high time architects took business and finance objectives as requirements – not bureaucratic obstacles.

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