Jaded & Jolted

One of the reasons I sometimes feel like writing is to express my old-timer’s dissatifaction along the lines of “worst website ever.” I am sort of an old-timer for the Internet, and increasingly it feels that way. How do I know? Well, when I see the same idea making rounds for the third time, having ignominously died twice before, and pitched by different people but never anyone over 25, I get a strong sense of deja vu.

Sometimes, however, I feel like this whole Web thing might work out after all. I still (sometimes) get the same thrill from using Amazon as I did in 1996. Then it was the sheer exhiliration of ordering a real book through virtual ether. Now, it is the quiet happiness of a parent who can find and order four different books and have the receipt for it in under one hundred seconds and truly expect them to show up at the house in three days. Sure, I handed over all sorts of information to the good folks in Seattle. They have my birthdays, addresses, even credit cards. But then I can order four books in one hundred seconds (I warned you about deja vu) and go have tea after a stressful day.

Tomorrow is another one. See you then.

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