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That’s right folks, turns out this weblog is the place for posting feature requests. Now, I have been a user for a long time, and like just about everything about the service. Like it well enough to ape some of the features in proposals to clients sometimes.

Still, some things just are not perfect, for me. Recently, I noticed that I can now mark my post as “do not share.”

Screenshot from
I think; however, that this option does not serve me all too well. More often than not I do not mind sharing the post. After all, the links I bookmark are on the public Internet already. What I do mind sharing, sometimes, are the tags, or specifically some personal tags which I do not necessarily want others to know. For example, if I am doing some research for a client project, I would like to tag relevant links I find with the project name, but am afraid to do so because I do not want to accidentally divulge priveleged information. Often a great deal can be inferred about a project based on the links I catalogue.

So, I would like to add private tags. Just like I can create tag bundles right now, let me mark some tags as private, which means they do not show up as tags for users other than than myself. I can then continue safely tagging items as “software” or “SocialBookmarksForNerds”, and then quietly smile with quilty pleasure when I add the “IdeasToSteal” tag as well.

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