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Stop shouting – a case for proper equipment

This is certainly one of the small issues that is so well-known, people have stopped talking about it long time ago. Specifically –  in one of our conference rooms we have an old Polycom phone. It is not too bad … Continue reading

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Really?! Most New York Graduates Are Ill Prepared, Data Show –

This is somehow surprising? Experts find that a grade of C or B- in High School predicts a similar or slightly lower grade in college… What would non-experts conclude, that a 65 in an NYC High School would correlate to … Continue reading

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Can you spell bubble with a ‘G’?

More froth – What’s the rush for an ipo for a well-capitalized company? Fear that the market isn’t going to be there…

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Digital Swarm Behavior

Thought this was interesting: Digital Swarm Behavior In general, I keep waiting for a new set of paradigms for “everyone to be talking about” to emerge. The candidates I hear about are: “social graph”, as in “facebook rules the social graph” … Continue reading

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2010 Old Year – Resolutions

One of the nice things about Dec 31st, is that no one will read anything you write. So I can safely list out all the things I wanted to write about, and it is almost as if I wrote about … Continue reading

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Thinking about Shadow Scholar

Image via Wikipedia Came across The Shadow Scholar article in the Chronicle of Higher Education today. I cannot say I was disturbed by the article; one assumes these things happen all the time (and have happened since time immemorial). As … Continue reading

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Door handles – color tells the tale

How do you know who are your office Connectors? Whose door gets opened and closed dozens of time a day? Would you care if you knew? A lot of highfaluting and important-sounding stuff gets written about office culture, team building, … Continue reading

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Make Wall Street Risk It All –

I do like to read this kind of Op-Ed. It makes me feel optimistic that one day, I too can write an Op-Ed with a 2nd grader’s grasp of history, facts, or reality and have it published in the NY … Continue reading

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Study shows pay discrimination makes sense

Just kidding. But what a great headline, eh? Men in relationships with women who made about 75 percent of the men’s income were the least likely to cheat, said the study, which was released at the American Sociological Association’s 105th … Continue reading

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Good riddance daily twitter updates

I have been going back and forth on pushing twitter updates to this site. I removed them for a while, but recently added them back in – right before stopping them again. While I liked having daily updates to this … Continue reading

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