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Instagram photo

I’m curious how this title plays on search given the recent acquisition by Facebook. However, I have to say that I’m on their millions of users. And a very satisfied one at that. I tried various photo apps over the … Continue reading

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Recruiting – puzzles and quizzes

As we gear up to do some college recruiting, I thought this was an interesting thread. I particularly liked one of the comments, starting with the “These days”: “I agree that the puzzle-solving during interviews is lame. In fact, I’ve … Continue reading

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book covers for home libraries

I’ll come back to this, but let me just say, do not do it for me – do it for the children. I like books. I really like physical books. I like having them, I like holding them. I do not … Continue reading

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Organizer for Gmail | OtherInbox

Seems like a nice and useful idea, but I am too weary of letting another company – with very opaque terms of service read through my email and know what I have bought where, and for how much. Organizer for … Continue reading

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Disney Releases Marvel App –

Can this work as a gift? How do you wrap it? Unveil it? Disney, the largest publisher of children’s books in the world, sells 700 million items a year in 85 countries, said Russell Hampton Jr., the president of Disney … Continue reading

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Phrase of the day

Thought this was a well-captured multi-level pop reference, “[Kim Kardashian]… Sources said a marriage-malfunctioned reality star…” From NY Post page 6.

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Random thought – on relationships

The person from my old [old, old] life in Soviet Union I communicate the most with is not someone I was close with before. It is someone who I reconnected with, a little, because of the work I do in … Continue reading

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feature request – emailed receipts

One of the nice things about Apple Store is that it follows the online standard of emailing receipts. Would not it be nice if EZ-Pass had an option to email me the receipts? I have a choice between paying cash … Continue reading

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Address fields – still not addressed

A quick post on the theme of user experience… Why do web forms still include address fields? Even 37 signals’ Highrise asks me to enter a street address and then a separate city, state, zip. UPS, and many others, are … Continue reading

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UX as Customer Service – Verizon Model

This post might as well be titled – the genius of Verizon or how I overcame ingrained user behavior to save $60/month. There is a lot of talk, books, and blogs about how properly designed user experience is a key … Continue reading

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