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This is somehow surprising? Experts find that a grade of C or B- in High School predicts a similar or slightly lower grade in college… What would non-experts conclude, that a 65 in an NYC High School would correlate to an A in college? Now that would actually prove grade inflation…

Using data collected by state and community colleges, testing experts on a state committee determined last year that a 75 on the English Regents and a 80 on the math Regents roughly predicted that students would get at least a C in a college-level course in the same subject. Scores below that meant students had to often take remediation classes before they could do college-level work. Only 41 percent of New York State graduates in 2009 achieved those scores.

via Most New York Graduates Are Ill Prepared, Data Show –

A few times now I have started to draft an “outeducated” article and never had the guts and fortitude to finish it. I was not around for the “Sputnik moment” – a claim true for most of the people in the USA today – so I cannot gauge how good or bad education was in the 50’s and 60’s. My knowledge of that era is driven entirely by watching ‘Happy Days’ and ‘Grease’ – and those kids did not seem to spend too much time studying. (but they sure seemed happy!)

Bill Gross seems to agree:

“The U.S. is being out-trained, out-educated and out- maneuvered in the global competition for employment,” Gross said. “There are seven applicants for every one job that’s available and today’s report only reemphasizes that.”

The horror of this morning’s article is not just in expert’s “realization” that you need a B or C on a Regent’s exam to get a similar grade in college. It is in the fact that by getting a B in one of the weakest primary educational systems in a functioning world you still get a B in what is supposed to be a strong secondary/higher education system.

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