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Came across The Shadow Scholar article in the Chronicle of Higher Education today. I cannot say I was disturbed by the article; one assumes these things happen all the time (and have happened since time immemorial). As in many similar online discussions, comments are the best part, my favorite was #341. (I would not be surprised if the country of the poster is Russia, but it does not really matter).

Any discussion of education for me really bogs down on the simple question – what is the goal – for particular society – of the education process. And it is a process in a system – with its feedback loops, homeostasis, and other systemic attributes- constantly seeking equilibrium and responding to stimuli and events. As long as the equilibrium of producing 100 degree holders in order to produce one actual degree-worthy candidate is satisfactory to our society, arguing about sharing blame between college administrators and professors is a bit besides the point.

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