Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-17

  • So they take "sponsored" route RT @lennyzeltser Google testing self-driving cars : #
  • Evernote iphone client has a tiny problem with email – it does not search through address books. Annoying slip for such an awesome product #
  • Things for Mac are great-looking, but not having integration with Email pushes me back into ActiveInbox camp. And no web-synch? #
  • very polished RT @LotusKnows: Pleasing customers is the cornerstone of an exceptional Web experience … YouTube #
  • just discovered snapengage. What a cool product. #
  • from discussion today, "It is one thing to eat 'your own dog food', it is another to eat someone else's" #gladisaidit #
  • mint apologizes for spam, that's nice – but did it really take them a week to figure out what was causing it? that's what is bothering me. #
  • Mutltiple tasklists and apps just means there are more places were you are behind. #
  • great quote: "If you're gonna be stupid, you gotta be tough." (in a comment thread about poor financial decisions) #
  • citibank – you rock! you let me reorder checks – but won't tell me what they look like or how much they COST. Call 800# for that? #fail #
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