Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-03

  • quote of the day, present for @eriksorensen, "there is no sense in being precise, when you don't even know what you are talking about" #
  • after a whole day of listening and typing and more listening a small victory over a Mashups install. Hooray for small victories! #
  • some interesting thoughts on entrepreneurship, voting, cities RT @mengwong: letter to a couple of politicians #
  • all hail 'kill -9' #
  • interesting project for kids to follow. RT @inspirationroom The Eos Talking Tree #
  • another "seasoned professional" tagline. What *are* people seasoned with? Paprika? Would "weathered" be better? #
  • Why is anyone surprised that wealth distribution follows Power Law (top 20% have 80% of wealth) – #
  • My weath inequality linked got foobared by… it should be – ( #
  • Thinking of attending this AVC Meetup #
  • seeing new renditions of IBM Northstar. Very very cool #ibmexperience #
  • Is Northstar UX team using Portal UI to work on the Northstar, instead of "inventing" UI in vacuum? I think so & it shows #ibmexperience #
  • want to help NYPL to get better with mobile? Fill out this survey – #NYC #
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