Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-26

  • How excited am I about "game of thrones" on hbo? Enough that I'm likely to be disappointed. #
  • Ok. that's just crazy. RT @lbenitez: RT @sweettt RT @monkchips: point iPhone @ plane in the sky, find out flight info #
  • informative & well-written RT @cDima: @SimpleGeo: Five Important New Trends in Location. Great insights from @Mashable #
  • Colleseum on fire – – #art #
  • I wonder how much productivity is LOST because of Lotus Notes mail client vs Gmail #annoyed #
  • Delat #fail – send copies of tickets from partner airlines somewhere. Really? You cannot accept those in an online form? #
  • more Delta #fail – I could not photograph the stubs, assuming I have them, and email them to your office or attach to a form? #
  • dear quest diagnostics, when pointing people to URLs for insurance plans, use URLs that work (and escape characters properly) #fail #
  • beautiful infographic from good on GDP impact of hours worked in OECD countries #
  • RT @evanherbst: How 2 affordably leverage IBM Northstar 4 mid-market companies. #work #
  • from – "chance favors the connected mind." #mottos #
  • I wish @tripit would support a few conference organizers. Would be great to have conferences imported there alongside flight and hotel info. #
  • RT @nycgo: 2morrow catch the free NYHarborway ferry 2 DUMBO & enjoy day in the park—with free bikes from Bike & Roll. #
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