Surplus Words Introduction

… Allow me to introduce myself. This is definitely is not going to be a witty post (just look at the time) or an informative one. In fact, I would be very surprised if anyone ever read this post. Based on my previous experience, it will take a year or so before this content is “authoritative”, meaning stale, enough to be pushed up in any kind of search by Google. Still, I will list some things I expect to be true of this weblog.

  • I hope to gain publicity by mentioning names of other bloggers and well-known books
  • I may transfer some of the better, IMO, posts from my other blogs here in order to fool readers into thinking I am writing new content
  • I am a serial blogger-starter-upper. Every other time I have failed to post continuously, and have let the site die a slow, twitching death. (Actually, one of them is doing better the longer I do not post…) . I am hoping that I will have more luck updating my own website than I did unrelated URLs. Perhaps shame will spur me to more action.

I am new to WordPress, and hopeless in Web design, so I apologize for the look of the side-bar. I installed a nice template but then screwed it up by trying to customize. The “subscribe to feed” form is particularly heinous. The “LinkedIn” profile button is not much better.

Interests… Right, this is a personal site now… I am avery amateur photographer and so expect to see pictures of children, flowers, and streets. Or not. The photography page on this site contains some basic links for my photographs.

Welcome & Enjoy.

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